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Aug 17

12 Morning Routines for A Great Start to Your Day

Do you brush & floss mornings and evenings? How many times do you really need to floss? And what else could be part of your morning routine? “It takes about 24 hours for plaque to form in the mouth and twice daily brushing and daily flossing disrupts the plaque, also known as biofilm, build up. […]

Jul 20

Summer Exercise Activities in Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado is one of those places where everyone goes for outdoor activities and exercise & you’d be surprised to find out how these activities can affect our dental health. Did you know that the acid in Gatorade can erodes tooth enamel over time? And open mouth breathing can cause tooth decay, increase chances of […]

Jul 20

3 Essential Bedtime Rituals: Mental Hygiene

Wash your face. Floss. Beer and chocolate. Netflix. A whole pizza. Meditate. Breathe. Listen to music. Do a body scan. Scan through Facebook. Post on Twitter. Read a book. Listen to NPR. Think about your ex. Wonder what you should have said. Tell yourself you’re not good enough. Stress about the ever-growing to do list […]

Nov 23

Goodbye wrinkles!

Two weeks ago I completed the American Academy of Facial Esthetics Botox Level 1 course. Not only did I learn how to administer botulinum toxin (“Botox”), I was able to experience it as a patient. Who is eligible Most healthy adults with wrinkles caused by muscle movement are eligible for treatment. There are some contraindications, […]