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Feb 14

The Couples that Brushes Together

The couple that brushes together…stays together? Makes sense, actually. Nice minty breath when you smooch, a joint bedtime routine, care for mutual health and wellness. As you set up Valentine’s Day dates with your sweetie (maybe this for you means your partner, husband, wife, friend, child, parent, sibling, bestie,) don’t just go for the big […]

Jan 25

4 Ways to Clear Your Desktop in 2018

Your computer desktop? Your actual desktop? Your emotional desktop? All of them. Really. And while you’re at it, clean and shine your bright smile. What shows up on the surface has just as much of an impact as what lies beneath it. There is nothing better than a clear desk. When you don’t clear away […]

Jan 20

3 Ways to Stay Resolute in the New Year

It’s January 20th and you are picking off cookie crumbs from the couch because the night before you collapsed into a fit of red wine and any the sugar you could find. After all, the last few weeks of cold turkey dieting and working out were exhausting! It is one thing to make those New […]

Dec 15

Here Are 3 Ways to Increase That Willpower

New Year, New You And hopefully, not new teeth! (OK, bad joke.) But seriously, start off the new year making sure you have all you need to take care of you, including your oral hygiene. Make taking care of your teeth and gums fun. Find your favorite flavored floss, toothpaste, fancy electric toothbrush, tongue scraper, […]